Forest Night walks

Join Noel on a night ramble into our fascinating forest, chance an encounter with some not so obvious nocturnal locals, as Possums, Gliders, Owls, Bats and other Australian critters.

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Spring Wildflowers Tours

Gariwerd, described as ‘the Garden of Victoria’, is home to one third of Victoria’s flora, hiding within the rugged mountain range. More than 1,000 species of flowering plants grow in the region, with approximately 20 of these species endemic to the Grampians.

Join Noel, on this dedicated wildflower tour, to view and marvel at the Parks spectacular and diverse wildflowers.

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Hike the Grampians Peaks Trail

The Mt Rosea trek is just awesome, the track traverse’s some on the Parks most spectacular escarpments. The fascinating rock formations are a sight to behold, the views breathtaking, literally, one of the best treks in the Park.

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Grampians Night Safari

This 4WD/saunter evening tour, takes us into the forest at night, just as the light fades. This is the time when our unique Nocturnals come out to play.

Join Noel, to experience the Australian forest in darkness, it includes a myriad of spectacular natural highlights as well as close encounters with native animals.

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